The Benefit of using Curry Sauce in Retort Pouch



Extensive hygienic during preparation and production,process through ultra high temperature(117c)sterilization system will kill all germ and any harmful bacteria in product completely.


It is not essential to prepare a lot of raw material such as garlic,chili,spice..etc. As previously done. Cooking curry sauce in retort pouch will only takes few minutes to finish cooking without any difficult process.Besides,it is easy to handle and storage.


The taste will be consistent every time. No additional flavor,spices or anything else necessary.

Serving Plan

It is very easy to estimate the quantity of curry sauce used each time for the amount of serving planned,so there is no waste and we can conveniently prepare additional last minute order at minimum time.


The price of curry sauce in retort pouch will be lower than cooking curry sauce conventional way,as you do not have to buy raw material and spend time,energy and labor for cooking process. Further more,you can forecast the actual cost accurately.


The raw material of coconut milk, chili …etc can not be stocked in long period of time and they are difficult to handle and stock,but curry sauce in retort pouch has an easy storage life of at least 12 months without refrigeration.


The chef,cook,housewife and anybody who do not know how to cook can easily prepare these curry sauces which result will be the same every time no matter who cooks.Hotel,restaurant and catering need no special chef and can change menu anytime with confidence of delicious consistency taste.